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Shining a spotlight on the innovators of tomorrow

We set the stage for Imagine Cup participants to face-off in Microsoft’s annual student developer competition.


Imagine Cup is the global student developer competition that empowers participants to unleash their passion and purpose by creating innovative solutions to real-world problems. For the last four years, we’ve partnered with the Microsoft team to create, shoot, and produce a unique one-of-a-kind experience for the live event.

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Imagine Cup world championship show


The early 2020s ushered in an era of change — reshaping our lives and redefining how we live, learn, and connect. Amidst the unpredictability, the enduring spirit of humanity and our profound optimism fueled remarkable innovation. And then came 2023, a year that saw generative AI become a household name, empowering us to transcend our own capabilities and seize new ones. So, for this year’s Imagine Cup, we dove headfirst into the limitless possibilities of AI, inviting our student competitors to unlock a wellspring of inspiration and boldly dream new realities.


Over the course of three months, we brought our campaign theme, “Dreaming New Realities”, to life. We started by meticulously crafting our visual identity and then weaving it through every element of the live show, from motion graphics and title cards to scripts, set design, and student interviews. Everything seamlessly coming together for our live taping and this year’s special surprise, the opportunity to reveal our Imagine Cup Champion at Microsoft’s biggest annual event — Microsoft Build.

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Driving results

Engaging our audience with 20 episodes across three quarters of a year enabled us to build credibility and anticipation while delivering results all along the way.

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A series of successes

Each year, we welcome a fresh group of talented student competitors to the stage at the Imagine Cup World Championship. And each year, we look for new ways to deliver an experience that is as unique as their innovations. Our goal is to create a theme that celebrates our students’ hard work and dedication, sparks a sense of wonder, and is reflective of current times and trends in innovation.

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2022: Dare to Try

Creating a hybrid experience

The 20th anniversary of Imagine Cup came at a time when the lines between our physical and digital lives were becoming increasingly blurred. This year, we took on a new hybrid format, and with it a new set of challenges, but by embracing the spirit of the competition we found solutions for all of them.

Video from Imagine Cup series
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2021: Sense of Place

Elevating a remote show

Just like everyone else in 2021, we were adjusting to a remote-first way of life, which meant a fully remote Imaging Cup. As all innovators know, big dreams can come with big obstacles, and we were determined not to let the format change take away from our student competitors’ experience.

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Creative Director

Colin McKeveny

Associate Creative Director

Josh Palmer

Senior Art Director

Colton McMurray

Copy Director

Cody Barz


Kristen Barry


Sandy Asher

Line Producer

Garland Hooker


Cody Brown

Executive Producer

Aidan Martin

Director of Photography

Aaron Russell

Senior Account Director

Elizabeth Filin-Matthews

Project Management Manager

Jen Sa

Motion Designer

Ivan Canchon

Motion Designer

Phil Reed

Senior Designer

Andrea Sanchez