A Surface tablet rests on a desk with a keyboard, mouse, and pen


A premium look. A powerful feel.

We partnered with Microsoft to tell the story of Surface through a series of engaging campaigns and experiences that launched Microsoft products globally, both online and in-store.


For Microsoft, driving its own product through a consumer lens was a challenge. It needed customers to think of Microsoft first not just for software, but for hardware as well. In a close partnership, Indigo Slate helped Microsoft bring a premium aesthetic and quality to the work, attracting a new audience to a product outside the traditional Microsoft arena.

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brand, technology

A Surface laptop in use showing a photo of high cliffs and blue water


With authentic storytelling for all types of customers—from mass market to commercial buyers—we showed consumers how Surface could be the right device for them. Our customer research and competitive insights drove creative, personal solutions that elevated Surface as a premium product.


We have been a trusted partner in every Surface product launch, creating assets across all phases of the customer lifecycle. We produced interactive digital experiences, sleek videos to show off Surface’s features, and winning social media posts. We developed sustainability communications for brand public relations, and even created sales enablement training pieces to help sales staff up their game when presenting Surface to customers.

A video showing the creation of the Surface campaign


Our stories have driven conversation and adoption of Surface devices since day one. We solved problems large and small with deliverables that increased customer engagement and propensity to buy. The Surface campaigns we created are recognized throughout the industry as—literally—award winning.


national awards for brand work on Surface campaigns

A person walks past ads for the Surface Book
A surface computer screen promoting the message "Turn your desk into a Studio".
A Surface laptop on a white desk
A Surface device showing an image of red buildings above water

First of all, these videos are so beautiful! I could watch them over and over. I love the Iceland scenes. Next time you go there for a video shoot, I want to tag along.

Samantha Precup

WW Digital Merchandising Manager, Surface


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Group Creative Director

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Creative Director

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Mid-Level Designer

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3D Artist

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Senior Account Director

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Customer Success Manager

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Project Manager

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Quality Assurance Specialist

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Senior Director of Technical Writing and Editing

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Principal Technical Writer and Editor

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