A person runs down a road wearing ASICS shoes


Regaining momentum

With an emphasis on the Japanese market, we were tasked to create “heat” through a global social media campaign through all ASICS-owned channels.


ASICS stood at the top of the elite running world until a major competitor created a “supershoe” that broke the sub-two-hour marathon. Even in its home market at the famous Hakone Ekiden race—the single most watched sporting event in Japan—ASICS had lost some market share. However, with the release of METASPEED™ 2.0, ASICS now had a shoe that could compete toe-to-toe. We were tasked with building a clear, crisp communications strategy and social media asset library for global and local usage, with a particular emphasis on recruiting more Hakone Ekiden runners.

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In partnership with ASICS’ agency in Japan, we developed a strategy, narrative, and visual vocabulary for a documentary film about the Hakone Ekiden race. Our story highlighted the remarkable intensity of the training experience and the focus of an entire nation on a single sporting event. Then we ensured consistency across all markets by designing a detailed playbook and a library of assets for transcreation.


The documentary and accompanying assets connected ASICS with the elite runners of the Hakone Ekiden well before the event itself, encouraging them to wear ASICS during this highly visible race.

A person sits down to tie their shoes next to a running track
A collage of images of ASICS shoes and runners
A collage of images of ASICS shoes and runners
A collage of images of ASICS shoes and runners
A collage of images of ASICS shoes and runners
A banner showing an ASICS shoe against a background with arrows next to text reading "We beat our best so you can beat yours."
A series of Instagram posts promoting the new ASICS shoe


Creative Director

Eric Wegerbauer

Engagement Manager

Jen Sa

Art Director

Adam Deer

Marketing Strategist

Emily Payne


Kyleene Finley


Catherine Lin


Alec Whitmore


Sam Farquharson


Tim Koehler


Jesse Leibhart


Phil Reed


Ryan Rigley

Technical Writer and Editor

Katie Blaszkiewicz

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