A mobile device with the Microsoft Family Safety dashboard showing on the screen sits on a green background next to Post-It notes and other desk items


Telling a new app’s launch story

We helped Microsoft develop the story, look and feel, and visuals for launching the new Microsoft Family Safety app.


When Microsoft was ready to launch their brand-new consumer application, Microsoft Family Safety, to global audiences, they looked to Indigo Slate. This app helps partners and children work together to develop healthy digital habits, allowing kids freedom to digitally explore while giving families reassurance that everyone is safe in daily online activities.

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To extend the app’s visual identity from the user interface (UI), we collaborated with Microsoft’s creative, marketing, and product teams. We strategized how to balance the feel of the campaign—it needed to be global, UI-focused, and family-centric, all at the same time. Our story showed that the app was a conversation starter for families, not an overbearing parental tool that leaves children feeling distrusted.


Our non-verbal campaign followed a family of four who used the app over the years. Each app feature was paired with family conversations showing a healthy parent-child relationship. Leap frogging through time as our character Vanessa grew, our story illustrated the product’s long-term value to families.

Illustration of Vanessa's age progression from age 6 to age 12
The Family Safety app shown in both mobile and desktop versions, both sitting on a pink background along with Post-It notes, scissors, paper cutouts, and other desk items


The campaign resulted in films of different lengths, social media features, and a campaign toolkit for use in advertising, on product webpages, and throughout social media channels.


unique assets created for the Microsoft team to use across channels


American Advertising Awards for motion graphics excellence

Family safety app with blocks bouncing on it

Building a new world

We created over 300 different visual and motion tests to nail down the Family Safety brand for this launch moment. Every material, movement, and lighting story was finessed to be as optimistic and vibrant as the people using this app.

Visual test of brand celebration scene
Colorful rendering of Vanessa's room
Visual test of driving notification scene
Visual test of materials for scenes
Visual test of screen time limits scene
Visual test of location awareness scene
Visual test of screen time report scene
Visual test of allow apps scene
Visual test of child's room


Creative Director

Jeremy Bonner


Aidan Martin

Account Director

Lourna Heller

3D Motion

Jesse Liebhart

Art Director

Maj Vestal

3D Artist

Rory Emmons

3D Artist

Rick Lundskow

Sound Design

Zelig Sound