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How to: Have fun with Alexa

We helped Amazon do just this with a series of light-hearted, hyper-relatable explainer videos featuring Amanda, an all-smiles improv character with a wide comedic range and a passion for sharing new features on her Alexa device.


Amazon had a tall order: help make Alexa the most trusted AI in the world without reducing the content to technical jargon. Knowing that education only works if audiences are engaged, we developed our main character, Amanda.

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Research told us that our efforts to educate wouldn’t work if audiences couldn’t engage with the videos, so we decided to elevate the personality of the videos to the same level of importance as the educational content. By transforming education to edutainment, we told pop culture stories that promoted product features.


Equal parts offbeat and honest—and always high energy—Amanda helped us hit every mark in a series of social videos. Each episode featured a moment in Amanda’s day where she showed off an exciting Alexa feature.

Our video series entertained audiences of all ages while they laughed and learned alongside a friendly face.

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By engaging our audience with 12 episodes across a year, we built credibility and anticipation while delivering results all along the way.


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The Alexa video series also achieved competitive recognition, securing both a Gold Telly in the Promotional Campaign category and a Gold Hermes for Video Series Campaign.

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With this host-lead video series, we weren’t just looking for a production vendor, but a Partner, that could create scalable, quarterly videos for us from concept support through post-production — Indigo Slate delivered big time.

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Sr. US Studio Manager, Audio Ads Creative


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Executive Producer

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Director of Photography

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Video Editor

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