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Creating a ready-to-drink brand

Sucker Punch | We concepted and designed a low alcohol brand to serve Gen Z’s love of life and desire for convenience.


Among the growing trend of mindful drinking we found that Gen Z imbibes in 20% less liquor than their Millennial counterparts. The catch? Its not about switching to zero-proof. In fact, our research pointed toward a white space in the market—young adults are thirsty for something that’s low in alcohol and big on fun.

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Our research led us down aisle after aisle of the same white cans, zero-proof beers, and ultra boozy cocktails. That’s when we realized, our audience is tired of having to choose between basic, boring, bland—and the feeling of not fitting in.

Enter Sucker Punch

We created a bold & delicious low alcohol cocktail that doesn’t sacrifice on fun or flavor. Inspired by the tenacity it takes to reject the status quo, Sucker Punch unlocks just the right amount of mischief.

Big poster that says: Light on the booze, big on the flavor
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Building a bold brand

We set out to build a brand equal parts tenacious & delicious. That meant developing mouthwatering flavor names, creating an iconic logo, making eye-catching colorways, and finding a voice that stands out among other low-alcohol options. And from there, Sucker Punch was born.

Brand elements

Brand elements


We knew early on this would be a slightly spiked punch, crafted for those who dare ot drink differently. After trying 307 unique names, Suckerpunch came to be.


At its core, Sucker Punch covets free spirits. We built a brand whose mission it is to help a generation deflect the status quo and drink different.

Voice and tone

Sucker Punch is more than beverage. It’s a feeling. So we brought that feeling to life with a robust voice & tone guide, and in every touch point along the customer journey.

Visual Identity

A bold name needs a fearless graphic language. We created a system big on color and emotive photography. Paired it with clean layouts and added a dash of mischief to resonate with our youthful audience.

100% Trouble

To launch Sucker Punch across the US, we took to social and the streets. Our 100% Trouble campaign came to life across OOH and digital placements, including an interactive TikTok filter to help users tap into their inner troublemaker.

100% trouble banner
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Creative Director

Jeremy Bonner

3D art direction

West Anderson


Aaron Schrade


Taylor Fagan


Catherine Lin


Iván Canchón


Jesse Liebhart

3D Artist

Rory Emmons

UI developer

Sean Cesmat

UI developer

Erik Parr

3D artist

Diego Meza