The Ocean Plastic Mouse


Launching a human-centric global campaign

Microsoft turned to us for the launch of its sustainable Ocean Plastic Mouse.


There’s no greater issue than protecting our planet.

So, when Microsoft created its Ocean Plastic Mouse—made with 20% recycled ocean plastic—we were thrilled when they came to us to create a strategy and global campaign that would bring customers and suppliers together to take on environmental challenges with this new product.

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brand, strategy

A screenshot of product video showing plastic water bottles, plastic spoons, and nets all on top of paper ocean waves.


Innovating for a brighter tomorrow was just the first step. Our mission was to position a product crafted from recycled ocean plastic as more than just a purchase—it was an empowering, multifaceted, and moving experience that connected people to a sustainable future.

To do this, we decided to tell the origin story of Ocean Plastic Mouse. We went beyond describing its product features—eco-friendly packaging, sustainable design, extended battery life, and precise navigation—to unveil the profound positive effect it has on the planet.

Through this strategic positioning and messaging, we emphasized how purchasing this mouse represents a small yet impactful contribution to a clean, healthy world.


We started by unpacking consumer motivations. What was driving the gap between their sustainability beliefs and purchasing habits? The answer was awareness—and the need to emphasize intrinsic rewards with their purchases.

Through a strategic alignment with Microsoft’s sustainability journey and a human-centric storytelling approach, we effectively elevated Ocean Plastic Mouse from the depths of the ocean to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

The Ocean Plastic Mouse sitting on the desk next to a Windows Laptop


Through a captivating campaign inclusive of fresh messaging, striking landing pages, immersive web activations, engaging social posts, compelling emails, thumb-stopping videos, and so much more—Ocean Plastic Mouse made a splash.


Senior Marketing Strategist

Sandy Kaduce

Associate Creative Director

Joshua Palmer

Design Lead

Christine Larsen


Brennan Commons


Linsie Figueroa

Motion Designer

Phil Reed

Motion Designer

Jesse Liebhart

Principal Technical Writer and Editor

Ben Sampson

Senior Technical Writer and Editor

Jessica DiBartolo

Executive Producer

Aidan Martin

Line Producer

Garland Hooker


Cody Brown