Why sustainability matters to Indigo Slate

We're moving toward choices with a positive impact.

By Linsey Nancarrow, Creative Director

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At Indigo Slate, we're dreamers, thinkers, and creators who love making the world a better place through compelling designs, solutions, and innovations. And we recognize that the amazing experiences we create are dependent on a healthy and stable world. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at sustainability and defining ways we can improve and expand our impact to help move the world toward a safe, healthy, and just future.

How do we define sustainability?

We define sustainability as making choices that recognize our impact to global systems and moving toward choices with a positive impact.

This includes all systems that are crucial for human health and safety, from planetary systems like climate, oceans, and biodiversity, to human-made systems like food production, supply chains, and economics. For example:

  • Transitioning toward positive climate impact

  • Replacing linear waste systems with circular solutions

  • Protecting and contributing to healthy natural ecosystems

  • Supporting ethical sourcing and labor practices

Why should Indigo Slate focus on sustainability?

Indigo Slate is all about creating experiences that people love. So, as stewards of human experience, we also have a responsibility to help protect the foundation of all human experiences: a safe and healthy planet.

By helping move the world toward a more sustainable future, we believe we will also support our clients in achieving their business goals and strengthen the quality and value of our work, as well.

What is our sustainability mission?

Because our DNA as a company is all about creating meaningful, amazing experiences, our approach to sustainability focuses on the intersection of our talents and the transformation our world needs. Our sustainability mission is simple—create sustainable experiences that people love.

This means using Indigo Magic to help move the world toward a sustainable and regenerative future. We support this mission through our culture, through our work, and through our business operations.

What is our sustainability vision?

Our vision expresses what it looks like when we are acting on our sustainability mission, a future where we are driving sustainability through exceptional human experiences. Our vision includes:

  • A climate-conscious culture where we talk about sustainability and confidently bring it up on projects.

  • Company-wide practices for driving sustainability in project work across all disciplines.

  • A long-term sustainable operations strategy that makes steady progress toward ambitious sustainability goals.

  • Playing a leadership role for our parent company, Zensar, and for RPG Group, introducing ideas, proposing goals, and setting a high standard for the whole organization.

  • Sustainable innovation as a major driver of our business success.

How will we get there?

Here are the efforts we are working on right now to help move our company and the clients we work with toward a clean and healthy future:

  • Climate conscious culture: Building a culture of sustainability within the creative culture of Indigo Slate, through climate happy hours and company activities

  • Public point of view: Sharing bold ideas about sustainability with the world through our website and speaking events

  • Projects with impact: Seeking out opportunities to promote sustainability through our project work

  • Sustainable operations: Driving sustainability in the way we operate as a business and striving toward positive environmental impact

Interested in learning more about how the creative industry can make an impact in sustainability? Watch our creative strategist, Linsey Nancarrow, talk about How Design Can Save the World, or schedule a consultation with Linsey directly.


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