The future of design thinking: from human-centered to humanity-centered

Inspiring innovation by focusing on the needs of people as a global collective.

By Linsey Nancarrow, Creative Director of Sustainable Innovation

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For decades, design thinking has transformed the business world by using insights from human-centered design to create products and services that truly satisfy customers. However, the business world now needs to transform again, and a new form of design thinking can help drive this change.

Enter humanity-centered design, a new approach to inspiring innovation by focusing on the needs of people as a global collective. We believe this will be a crucial tool for businesses seeking to find their path forward into a sustainable and socially just future economy. At Indigo Slate, we are excited to help define this future discipline.

In our latest whitepaper, we explain the foundations of human-centered design and design thinking and explore why and how these techniques can be adapted into a humanity-centered approach. We also share six core principles that can give any business a great place to start in beginning to innovate their way to becoming a more sustainable business.  

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Linsey Nancarrow and Hooman Koliji

Design & Creative
Christine Lee and Gamar Markarian

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