Adrien Meyer officiates the sale of a painting


Four cities. 
Four auctioneers. 
One experience.

Christie's approached the shift to virtual as an opportunity to create an innovative, modern, world-class auction experience.


With sales rooms all over the world, Christie’s is the leader for world-class auctions. Knowing the untapped potential of a virtual experience, they planned a first-of-its-kind live auction relay, spanning Hong Kong, Paris, London, and New York. Christie’s called on our expertise in virtual events and executive production to help them create a truly show-stopping global experience.

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brand, technology

Video showcasing the creation of the auction


Christie's approached the shift to virtual as an opportunity to create an innovative, modern, world-class auction experience. No one in the industry had ever produced a live auction in four separate cities at the same time. To bring this vision to life, we combined Christie’s expertise with our command of virtual experiences to execute at the level and scale they desired. The goal was to create a unified, continuous flow that upheld the personality of each location, elevating the event as a whole to make Christie’s ONE auction a reality.


Executive production expertise
The show was a piece of auction ballet. As the gavel passed to a lead auctioneer in each location, all four sales rooms went live. Each lead auctioneer took bids simultaneously from buyers in the room, from the phone, and online as well as from the other three auctioneers who were doing the same. Managing show flow and pace was crucial to the storytelling experience. The energy needed to be maintained, and all visuals had to be compelling and purposeful. With the high level of complexity and transactions in the tens of millions of dollars, the execution had to be perfect.

No detail too small
We assisted Christie’s across the ONE auction—from show flow, technology, and communications to on-air and in-room graphic design, scripts to open and close each location segment, and the show itself. In the end, Christie’s not only achieved a financially successful auction of unprecedented, record-breaking proportions, but also established themselves as innovators in a centuries’ old marketplace.

Rendering of the layout of an auction room


In the live simulcasting on YouTube (exclusive), there were:


meetings, 4 rehearsals, and 1 grand show lasting 4 hours


dollars (USD) earned in record-setting sales


viewers who tuned in live, the largest Christie’s audience ever

Collage of all the different auctioneers at their podiums in their respective cities
Elaine Kwok officiates an art auction in Hong Kong
A live view of Christie's participants in London.
Christie's participants in a interactive virtual meeting.
Cécile Verdier leads the Paris segment of a global art auction

The ‘show’ that you helped us put on…was the beginning of a new era for our business, and you all added so much creativity, organization, value, and support throughout. Your dedication, expertise, patience, and focus were deeply appreciated and recognized by everyone involved. You guys are A+!

Matthew Rubinger

Deputy Chief Marketing Officer, Christie’s


Creative Director

Chris Elliott


Aidan Martin

Principal Designer

Catherine Lin


Mikey Ferdinand

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